GAMBARO GIOVANNI, MD, PhD Born November 14, 1954 Associate Professor of Nephrology Catholic University, Rome, Italy Head of the Division of Nephrology and Dialysis Columbus-Gemelli University Hospital, Rome   1979 Medical School: University of Padova. M.D., max score cum laude National Board of Physician Examination 1979 Residency: 1979-1982 Dept. of Internal Medicine, Padova University and Dept. of Internal Medicine, Military Hospital of Padova. Chief Resident: 1983-1985 Dept. of Internal Medicine, Division of Nephrology, University of Padova Specialist in Internal Medicine. Specialist in Nephrology 1993 PhD in Experimental Medicine (Nephrourology) 1986 Visiting Fellow, Dept. of Physiology, Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich (Germany) supported by Stiftelsen Blanceflor Boncompagni-Ludovisi Food Bildt, Stockolm 2001, Visiting doctor, Renal Transplant Section, Renal Division, Guy’s Hospital, London, UK.   Awards 1983 National Award “Alcmeone” for young nephrologists; 1999 Arturo Borsatti Nephrological Award   Invited lectures at Steno Memorial Hospital, Copenhagen; Poland Society of Diabetology, EDTA-ERA; European Urolithiasis Society; Institute of Endocrinology, Russian Accademy of Medical Science, Moscow; Romanian Society of Diabetology, Bucarest; University of Tubingen, Germany; European Community in the Tempus framework, University of Tirana, Albania; International Society of Physiopathology; Institute of Nephrology, University of Caracas; Endocrinological Society of Venezuela; Sociedad Mexicana de Nefrologia; World Cong. on Controversies in Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes, Berlin; International Urolithiasis Research Symp., Indianapolis, USA; International Society of Nephrology.   Consultant, Division of Nephrology, University Hospital, Padova, 1992-2003 Chief of the peritoneal dialysis service of the Division of Nephrology, University Hospital, Padova, 1997-2003 Associate Professor of Nephrology, University of Verona, 2004-2008 Associate Professor of Nephrology, Catholic University, Rome, 2009-now Head of the Division of Nephrology, Gemelli University Hospital, Rome, 2009-now Author of  more than. 200 papers published in international journals, among which New Engl J Med, Lancet. Member of the Board of director of the North-East Section of the Italian Society of Nephrology, 2000-2002 Member of the Collaborative Study Group, Chicago, 2004-2007 EDTA-ERA delegate in the scientific board of the EULIS group of the European Urology Association   Editor in chief of the Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia, 2007-2012 Editor in Chief of the Journal of Nephrology, 2013-now President of the Scientific Committee of the Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Nephrology, Florence 2013   CME WEBSYMPOSIUM OF THE ITALIAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY 2011-2013 Scientific chairman of the programs 2011: Organizer and moderator: Renal stones today: the nephrologist’s involvement (in cooperation with EULIS- EUA) 2011: Scientific chair of “Course on Hypertension: 1st part” 2012: Scientific chair of “Living kidney donation” (in cooperation with CNT, Italian Transplants Organization)   GUIDELINES 1998-1999: Italian Society of Nephrology, guidelines writing committee (Guidelines for nephrolithiasis) 2009: Italian Society of Urology, guidelines writing committee (Renal stones: guidelines) 2010: Interdisciplinary Study Group on Renal Stones: writing committee (Diagnostic and therapeutic approach in patients with urinary calculi) (G Ital Nefrol. 2010 May-Jun;27(3):282-9.).
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